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Our Story

About Us

PACC: People And Culture Consultants is a consultancy focused on providing HR and organizational culture services to start-ups and small companies.

We believe people processes are equally important in any organization as the business is and should start with the start of a business.

PACC grew out of the need to bring HR and people to the center of an organization at affordable prices. Founders of startups and small organization become de-facto HR as priorities are different at the beginning and cost for a dedicated HR team are high. We are here to mitigate this risk and give each organization an ability to have its own dedicated HR at lower costs while also focusing on building the right culture from the beginning.

We assist with employee life-cycle processes, compliance, performance management and cultural alignment.



To help organizations setup and streamline people process and be a trusted HR partner in a way that is cost effective


  • To be a one stop solution for HR needs of start-ups and small companies

  • To create people and culturally aligned organizations

  • To create simple and sustainable HR departments

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